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Tonbo Martial Arts, LLC was officially founded in 2006. Formerly a small private company for the first 6 years, TonboMA is the growth of a small organization to a small corporation.

Our Mission is to provide retail, educational and health benefits to the
Martial Arts community.

With dedication and development TonboMA hopes to offer each Martial Artist and style the opportunity to find quality, price and excellent service. We will continually add to our inventory and hope that each customer will be a repeat due to our selection, price, and courteous service.


In Japan, the dragonfly is a national emblem. In fact, a legend tells of the first Japanese emperor, Jimmu Tenno. He climbed to the top of the highest peak in Japan and looked out over his empire. He thought the island looked like a dragonfly that liked its tail. Japan became Akitsushima, the Dragonfly Island.

In Japanese culture, the dragonfly has many meanings. It symbolizes the summer season, success, victory, happiness, strength, and courage. Long ago, Japanese farmers believed the presence of dragonflies in their fields meant an abundant rice harvest. The dazzling insect has had many other names. One was katsumushi, the invincible insect. Among the samurai, or warrior class, the dragonfly was a favorite emblem for decorating armor and helmets. Throughout the homes of noblemen, dragonfly images appeared in paintings and on porcelain, furniture, and fabrics.

The mythical creature Shoryo Tombo (Dragonfly of the Dead) is associated with the Japanese festival Bon. During this Buddhist festival, people honor their ancestors. The spirits of the dead, carried by Shoryo Tombo, return home to be reunited with their families.

Perhaps because the dragonfly plays such an important role in their culture, the Japanese were the first in the world to create a special Dragonfly Nature Reserve.


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